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The UK ILOG Solver & Scheduler User Group was initiated by a mailing from ILOG to all UK users in April 1996, Phil Randall, UK Marketing Manager wrote as follows.

Dear *ILOG User*

The ILOG user base within the UK is growing at an ever increasing rate and we are now seeing more and more companies adopt ILOG Solver and ILOG Schedule to address resource allocation and optimising problems.

Bearing this in mind, I was very pleased to be approached by one of ILOG Solver's longest-standing supporters with the proposal that he co-ordinate a User Group for the UK covering these specific products. The person behind this initiative is Mike Pegman of Vine Solutions, many of you may know of Mike through one of the ILOG training courses for which he is an instructor.

Mike Pegman has put together an initial sheet on the proposed User Group which is attached.

I hope you will want to become involved in the User Group; although we at ILOG will not be directly involved, I hope we will be able to present topics of interest from time to time at Group meetings and I shall be extending to the committee (when it is voted in!) any appropriate facilities and services to ensure its success.

If you are interested in becoming a member you should contact Mike Pegman directly, the details are provided on the attached sheet.

Yours sincerely

Philip Randall, Marketing Manager, ILOG Ltd


ILOG Solver and Schedule User Group
c/o Vine Solutions Limited
9 The Chase, Rickleton
Washington, Tyne & Wear NE38 9EY
Email to:
Tel or Fax: 0191 416 6389

Dear ILOG User,

You are invited to participate in the UK ILOG Solver and Schedule User Group!

Having received approval to proceed from ILOG UK, we would like to propose the formation of a UK-based ILOG Solver and Schedule User Group. The purpose of the User Group will be to promote interest in and awareness of the uses of ILOG Solver and Schedule for developing applications.

Once the group is up and running, we will arrange a formal constitution and committee. However the User Group will be run initially by Mike Pegman of Vine Solutions Ltd. The agenda and programme will be entirely in the hands of the members, but as a start we suggest the following activities which we are happy to facilitate:

Technical advice service. Drawing on his application experience, Mike will respond to queries on Solver or Schedule and their application. Queries will be handled as soon as time permits and preferably should be submitted via email to We stress that this service is in addition to your current support arrangements with ILOG.

News service. Unless your mail is of a confidential nature, if it is of general interest it will be forwarded to all User Group members. This service will enable the development of discussion between the users of the tools. Initially news forwarding will be done once a week using email. If demand is sufficient, the news service will be operated as a news group. We hope to develop discussion threads on applications, analysis techniques for Solver models and a "feedback to ILOG" forum.

Since the group was lauched ILOG in France have lauched a list server for Solver & Scheduler. To join send an email to with a blank subject and a message text subscribe solver-list. The list is mediated by ILOG Fr. Please also drop me an email at

Code fragment library. Over time - and with your co-operation - the User Group will be able to develop a library of sections of code. These will not typically be large but will illustrate a particular point or implement a specific piece of functionality which will accelerate your application development. See this web site - ILOG Solver & Schedule Technical Articles

Group Administration. As the community develops, members may wish to arrange other activities or services (perhaps a day workshop in the UK to discuss application modelling, for example). We will be happy to organise such activities until members decide that a more formal structure is required to support the expanding User Group.

Membership of the ILOG Solver and Schedule User Group and use of the above services is offered free of charge to users. To register as a member, please contact us - preferably by email at Please state all your contact details - email, post, telephone and fax, under the subject heading 'ILOG User Group'. We will send confirmation of your membership.

In common with all user groups, success depends upon your participation! We look forward to hearing your comments.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Pegman, Vine Solutions Ltd

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