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Commitment to achieving objectives,
at the highest quality and with personal integrity,
characterises my approach to client requirements.

I offer proven commercial, communication and technical skills at the leading edge of the application of IT.


Vine Solutions Ltd

Vine Solutions Ltd is an Partner Company.

Mike Pegman is Director of Vine Solutions Ltd, a software development, training and consultancy company specialising in resource allocation, planning and scheduling and decision support solutions.

Vine Solutions is building on Mikeís leading role in the development of constraint solving applications in the UK. It employs his extensive development experience and business awareness to facilitate leading-edge solutions for clients. Vine Solutions works with clientsí in-house IT personnel or business unit staff to develop specifications, to design appropriate models and user interfaces, or to code applications.

Vine Solutions clients include Logica, Severn Trent Systems, RTZ Technical Services, PA Consulting Group, Cap Gemini, the Sema Group, and Science Systems as well as ILOG, the leading constraint and object tool vendor, for which Mike delivers technical training and consultancy, covering ILOG Solver, Scheduler, Planner, Dispatcher, Rules and Views.

Mike has experience of a wide range of application areas including:

There is an overview sheet giving more detail and links.

Vine Solutions also facilitates the ILOG Solver Schedule User Group.

Some Publications

Short Term Scheduling for Metal Manufacture (see )
M Pegman Proc Third Intíl ILOG Solver and Schedule Usersí Conference, July 1997
and Proc Practical Applications of Constraint Technology í98

Mine Planning and Scheduling at RTZ Technical Services, Mike Pegman, Vine Solutions Ltd ,
N Forward, B King, D Teal, RTZ Technical Services Ltd,
Best Technical Paper, Proc Second Intíl ILOG Solver and Schedule Usersí Conference, July 1996

Tail Allocation,
Gomberg G (Logica UK), Proc Fourth Intíl ILOG Solver and Schedule Usersí Conference, Oct 1998

Practical Scheduling and Resource Allocation Applications at Courtaulds Coatings and British Airways,
Proc Practical Applications of Constraint Technology Ď96,
M Pegman, Vine Solutions Ltd, and J Heslop, Headway Systems Ltd, Dec 1995,

Applications and experience in the Civil Aviation sector,
M Pegman and J Heslop, 1995,
in Proc First Intíl ILOG Solver and Schedule Usersí Conference, July 1995.

Constraint Based Scheduling for the Process Industries, M Pegman, Dec 1995,
I Chem E publication ISBN 0 906636 29 9

See also Selected Applications of Constraint Technology

Mike Pegman has over ten years experience in IT & has been responsible for all aspects of the whole of the project cycle: tools and methods; analysis and design, prototyping; code development and system delivery; quality and customer satisfaction. He has been working with the key decision support technologies since 1985 - GUIs, object oriented development, production rule systems and constraint solving.

Mike has extensive experience of C, C++ and object-oriented programming and GUI development, delivering applications which include databases (SQL and VB / Access / Paradox) on local area networks. He also has a strong background in Prolog and Lisp, and related AI technologies including planning, scheduling, knowledge based systems. All recent projects have used constraint solving for scheduling and planning applications incorporating ILOG Solver, Schedule and Views.

Headway Systems Limited

Mike Pegman joined Headway Systems in 1990 and has played a pivotal part in its business, working in both technical and project management roles. He was appointed a director in 1992. As projects dictated, he has worked with sole responsibility and as leader of a development team. He has been responsible for design, development and delivery of a wide range of projects, involving high levels of technical, communication and commercial skills, and extensive responsibility for clients.

Mike played a key role in development projects, acting as the primary contact for the customer and as team manager in several, but in all has held system design and coding responsibilities. Overviews of some of the projects follow.

International Paint plc

International Paint is part of the Courtaulds group. Mike was briefed to introduce Knowledge Based Systems technology into the technical division of the group. Activities ranged from management awareness activities ĎIT for competitive advantageí, including presentations to board members, through to the management of projects and the development of applications.

Work during this period included: Alvey Programme (project managed Courtaulds membership of the DAPES awareness club); Membership of Expert Systems International's Prometheus Prolog Toolkit development group of companies, which Mike chaired, and research projects into intelligent front ends to text databases.

 Practical KBS projects included:

During the latter part of his time with Courtaulds, from late 87 to 89, within the European IT function (IBM mainframe environment) Mike worked in a business analysis and IT development role responsible for the implementation of PC components of systems to support manufacturing and quality management, as well as undertaking analyses of business processes for operating units and reviews of technology strategy.

Cambridge University

Whilst at Cambridge University, reading Computer Science (Hons 2:1) where he was sponsored by Courtaulds, and reflecting interest in computational linguistics, Mike developed a parser for English under the supervision of the Computer Laboratory's Natural Language Group. The system was written in Lisp and implemented a chart parser for Gazdar and Pullumís Generalised Phrase Structured Grammar (GPSG ID/LP 1982). The parser used a lexicon of words augmented with information which were matched by unification to a directed acyclic graph whose syntactic constitution was controlled by the chart parser applying GPSG grammar rules.

The Joint Consultancy in Patterns and Systems Ltd

During a five month period (spring & summer 1984) managing another software developer Mike designed, developed and implemented a process optimisation tool for the two dimensional laminate cutting industry (under contract to The Joint Consultancy in Patterns and Systems Ltd). The system minimised waste within the constraints of the manufacturing process, and raw material and work in progress policies. Although implemented in Pascal, the system took a heuristic approach to the resolution of constraints which were represented in an explicit form. This project was a specialised, but commercially viable implementation of the general 2D cutting problem. It was installed at the customer's site in Luxemburg in the summer of 84.

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