Constraint Solving & Problem Modelling
using the ILOG Optimization Suite

Vine Solutions Ltd offers a seminar and workshop programme
on your site,
tailored to address your requirements.

Choose from two to four days of specialised material
focused on the needs of your team or project.

Objectives of the Programme

The following are typical objectives of clients of the programme.

The first two objectives are addressed at a level suitable for commercial as well as technical staff, usually over one day. Typical attendees are staff who prepare commercial responses to invitations to tender, project managers, designers and team leaders.

A second (and optionally third) day covers problem modelling for Constraint Solving and presents an overview of the functionality of the ILOG constraint solving tools. These sessions are for designers, team leaders and model developers.

There is an option, for staff with programming skills, to include hands-on sessions, creating simple tutorial examples. This will provide an excellent foundation for ILOG's own application programming course in Solver and Scheduler.

Clients may like to consider a fourth day, devoted to consultancy and discussions on their own projects, modelling problems and client applications.

Format of the Programme Sessions

The seminar and workshop is highly interactive, to ensure that it meets the needs of the attendees.

The attendees play a major role in a collaborative learning experience.

The early options, which may be attended by commercial staff, presents an overview of the material. It serves as a good foundation for the more technical options in the programme. Alternatively, for those with prior experience of constraint techniques or tools, the bulk of the early material may be omitted.

The latter part of the time will be devoted to discussions of the applications of the technology to the client's business, especially modelling of your projects in Solver and Scheduler.

We present a suggested programme.
Please select and arrange the topics which meet your needs.
Or email to state your own requirements.

Day 1 The Basics and Project Management Issues

A discussion of project structure

Comments on technical risks associated with non-deterministic systems

Day 2 / 3 Technical Overview of Solver & Scheduler

Modelling For Constraint Solving

Day 4 Modelling and Open Workshop

We look forward to helping you
to successfully apply Constraint Solving and Modelling
to meet the needs of your customers.

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