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The Specialist Consultancy - C++ / ILOG Decision Technologies - UML, Object Oriented Design and Development


Vine Solutions Ltd is a specialised IT solutions consultancy. It works with clients on leading-edge systems delivering commercial advantage.

Vine Solutions helps you to build world class decision support systems for scheduling, planning and resource management.

Vine Solutions offers object-oriented, design and development services, mentoring and training, exploiting UML, ILOG technologies and C++.

An experienced, high quality specialist adds value to your project team, reducing risk and shortening delivery time-scales.

 Vine Solutions is an ILOG Partner Company.

Clients are blue chip end user companies, ISVs, System Integrators and mainstream international consultancies.


Overview and Track Record



Selected Applications of Constraint Technology


ILOG Solver & Schedule Technical Articles

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A Specialised Consultancy

Vine Solutions is a specialised consultancy focused on resource allocation, planning and scheduling, and decision support solutions. It works with clients to develop leading-edge solutions delivering commercial advantage.

Building on extensive experience of business analysis, software development and the construction of constraint based solutions, Vine Solutions was formed by Mike Pegman to give clients access to a unique high quality service, covering a range of decision support technologies and gui interfaces.

A Proven Track Record

Vine Solutions is founded on Mike Pegman's leading role in the application of constraint solving tools in the UK. He has been delivering solutions with ILOG Solver and ILOG Schedule since 1992, when Schedule was in beta test.

Projects using this technology for blue-chip companies include:


Application Type

More information


production scheduling

Scheduling in Process Industries

Severn Trent Systems Ltd

utility service scheduling

Utility Scheduling

Civil Aviation Authority

airspace capacity planning


BAA (Heathrow Airport Ltd)

ground movement scheduling


British Airways

stand & gate allocation

British Airways

RTZ Technical Services

mine planning and scheduling

Mine Planning & Scheduling

Civil Aviation Sector

rostering of

  • operational personnel
  • complex training courses


Science Systems

satellite mission scheduling



Aircraft Tail Allocation
for British Airways

Aircraft Allocation

Sema Group

technical risk assessment


Broner plc

metal industry - scheduler & interface

Metal Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

production scheduling

Written reference from client available if required

ILOG ltd

Training public & on-site courses


In all of these projects Mike was centrally involved in design. In most he also held a C++ coding role.

Mike delivers training courses on behalf of ILOG Ltd, covering the Optimisation Suite - Solver, Scheduler, Planner, Dispatcher.

Mike Pegman's Resume

Vine Solutions also facilitates the ILOG Solver Schedule User Group and is an ILOG Partner Company .


Vine Solutions clients, ranging from blue-chip end user companies, through system integrators and ISVs, to international consultancies, include the following organisations.

British Steel, The Broner Group, ILOG ltd, Logica, Science Systems, PA Consulting Group, STS ltd, Cap Gemini.


A Practical Service

Vine Solutions offers:

Vine Solutions works with clients' in-house IT personnel or business unit staff to develop specifications, to design appropriate models and user interfaces, or to code applications.

More on services. Onsite Seminar - an Overview

More on Ilog

Throughout a project you, the client, remain in control - Vine Solutions provides a highly specialised professional service to your project to meet your business objectives.


Vine Solutions delivers:

Vine Solutions adds value to your team:

Vine Solutions works with you:

Vine Solutions Ltd
Tel / Fax +44 (0) 191 4166389
9 The Chase
Tyne & Wear
NE38 9DX

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